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FAQ's about Spermomax's brand Sperm Pills

How should I take Spermomax?
Because our Sperm pills dietary supplements. You can take up to 3-4 capsules daily. For best results it is recommended to take the maximum allotment during the first month. Followed by continued use of at least 2 pills per day.

How long do I need to take Sperm Pills for maximum results?
While our Sperm Pills do contain fast acting aphrodisiacs and herbs for sexual enhancement and increasing sperm volume, you must use for at least 2 months before expecting an improvement in actual sperm count, or male fertility.

Do I need to see a doctor or get a prescription before ordering?
NO. Herbal Sperm Pills Don't require a prescription. Because Spermomax contains only the finest botanicals, extracted using modern ingenuity, and taken from alternative medicines. Like Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. So there is no risk to your health and no need to obtain a prescription.

Do your Sperm Pills have any side effects?
The ingredients in Spermomax consists of 100% natural ingredients and have not been shown to have any serious side effects. If you have any medical concerns we urge you to review the ingredients with your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Can Spermomax help with Erectile Dysfunction?
Without a doubt! The compounds used in Spermomax help to solve erectile dysfunction or (Male Impotence) by targeting 2 main causes. 1'st by Increasing sperm production thus creating a un avoidable need for seminal release, and secondly. Sperm Pills can help with erectile dysfunction due to the fact that they also contain some of the most popular and commonly used herbal remedys made just to target ED.

Is Spermomax safe? and are there any side effects?
Our pills are a tried and tested herbal formulation, that have been on the market since 1999 and marketed under several different brand names and distributed all over the world. You should not experience any undesired side effects while using Spermomax and you should start seeing results after just a few days of using it. If you have any heart problems, or serious medical conditions please remember to check with your doctor before usage.

How can I order Spermomax?
You can order privately and easily online. We take all major credit cards including Master card, Visa and AMEX or bank transfer. All payment methods are 100% discreet and secure. Neither the Spermomax brand or any mention of Sperm Pills will be recorded during payment or printed on your parcel.

How exactly are the pills shipped?
If you order the pills today then we will RUSH them out as soon as your payment has been processed (Usually within 24hr of placing the order). Your parcel will be sent via express international mail and take 5 - 10 days to arrive.

Is there any type of Guarantee?
Our Sperm Pills come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. You should start seeing and feeling results within the 1st week, and results should continue to improve over extended use. However, If in the unlikely event you are not totally satisfied, just send the remaining product back before the 60 days is up, and you will be provided with a full money back refund, minus your original shipping charge. We will refund all un open bottles, and one open bottle, even if its totally empty.

What benefits will I experience from Increasing my Sperm Volume?
By increasing your sperm volume you will definitely experience better orgasms than you ever imagined possible. Other benefits include heightened self confidence, increased staying power, shorter times between being able to make love a second, and even third time, and harder, fuller more intense erections.

Why suffer from low sex drive and un satisfying climaxes? when all you need is Spermomax.

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